Kimberly Bokovoy

Kimberly has enjoyed a life that has been richly blessed by God. Adopted as an infant, she cannot recall a time when she did not know she was chosen by her mom and dad and planned by God. She is a middle child of three and all were raised in the love of the Lord. Her early education and fondest memories are wrapped up in the years she lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she attended her first Seventh-day Adventist school, Tulsa Adventist Academy. She was very active in summer camp, church and school activities, and Pathfinders. The strongest influences in her life were her parents, who were always involved in church and community activities.

She began her calling with children at the early age of twelve, when a church nursery employed her. From that, she grew in her understanding and care of children of all ages. She spent years working through school in daycare and Mother’s Day Out programs. Once in college, she worked as a social worker for a neuropsychiatric residential treatment facility. Upon receiving her BS degree in psychology/elementary education and minor in history, she got married and began a career by starting a new school for the Regional Conference.

She and her husband, James, have moved several times as the Lord called them. While living in Hawaii, their family increased with a beautiful daughter, Avery. After they found themselves back in Texas, their second child, Reid, was born. Throughout the journey of life, Kim has also volunteered as Children’s Ministries Director for the Oklahoma Conference, and she has worked with Native Ministries, summer camp, and camp meeting programs. She has been involved in helping children develop a living relationship with Jesus no matter what her current situation may be. She has lived with the belief that whatever it takes to save God’s children is what needs to be done.

Kim is delighted to be the third- and fourth-grade teacher for Tulsa Adventist Academy. She is a firm believer in Adventist education and is thrilled to sit in the very classes she grew up in and in which she learned a living relationship with God. It is only by His strength and will she has accomplished what she has in her life.  She willingly gives Him all the credit and glory for His goodness and mercy.


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