High School

High School Education
Grades 9-12

Tulsa Adventist Academy’s college-prep diploma is granted by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), which accredits us through Ozark Adventist Academy, based in Gentry, Arkansas. This college prep diploma indicates that our school is currently considered a college-preparatory school. The difference between a college prep diploma and a standard diploma comes in the form of course requirements. The purpose of a college prep diploma is to ensure that students graduating from TAA have a transcript that appeals to colleges and universities throughout the country. A standard diploma, on the other hand, opens doors into community colleges or tech schools but does not typically meet entrance requirements for more advanced degree-granting institutions.

High School Staff & Courses


Mr. Shaun Lazarus, M.A.          Elena Vera Mr. Ronald Arroyo-Watson, M.A.

Principal               Spanish I & II  Science


Mr. Larry Seery Mrs. Caroline A. Fisher, M.A.

Math, Religion, Computers English, Rhetoric; Development Director



 Mr. Caleb Minty



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