What We're All About

Elementary Education
Grades 1-4

Tulsa Adventist Academy focuses on educating the whole student. This holistic approach to education features curriculum structured to provide a well-balanced physical, mental, spiritual, and social education in harmony with the Seventh-day Adventist denominational standards and ideals. These standards have led Adventist Education, the second largest private school system in the world, to continually produce testing results showing students within the system testing at least one grade level above the level at which they currently study—even in countries that lead the world in academic programs, such as South Korea. 

Program Elements

  • Staff members are committed to providing quality Christian education in a Christ-centered environment.

  • Each staff member takes a personal interest in every child at TAA.

  • The school and its staff provide students with a safe and loving environment.

  • Mastery learning takes priority over teaching to a standardized test, allowing teachers to use class time to engage students in the joy of learning.

  • Our mastery learning approach results in standardized test scores a full grade and a half above the national average.

  • According to the Cognitive Genesis Project, students in Adventist schools perform, on average, in the top 25 to 30 percent of students in the nation.

  • Our student/teacher ratio averages 12:1.

  • Smaller, intimate class sizes results in teachers available to personally know and minister to each student's unique learning style and academic needs. Those who struggle can get extra help, while those who excel have opportunities to strengthen their education.

  • Quality educational field trips occur on a monthly basis.

  • We build music and fine arts into the curriculum, creating opportunities for all students to enhance their natural creativity. Music is offered twice a week and involves performances, music theory, harmony, and solo work. Our art courses include drawing, painting, sculpting, and other craft activities.

  • Each morning begins with prayer and worship. Guest speakers lead out in learning opportunities and spiritual applications at weekly chapels.

  • Bible study occurs daily in Bible class, in which students are mentored and led into a relationship with God that teaches them to turn to God for answers when struggles arise.

  • The elementary years are important for developing empathy and conscious awareness of others and the surrounding environment. Each week students spend at least one hour on community service projects such as school cleaning, yard work, garbage pick up, and more.

  • Through TAA’s Student Association, students are involved in monthly community service projects that invite them to choose to deny themselves for the betterment of others. They collect toiletries for homeless youth, collect canned goods for food banks, and donate teddy bears for cancer pediatric patients, plus a whole lot more.

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