Principal's Message

Our desire is to become servants of Christ, striving to share His gospel of love to the community and our world. By doing this we believe we can be a part of completing the work that needs to be done here on earth so that Christ can come and take us home. Because of this, we commit to leading and educating young leaders to live lives that will become lighthouses in their communities. At TAA we are implementing a vision of quality in education, established on foundational biblical values—a vision that emphasizes quality in academics, fine arts, athletics, and evangelism through mission work.

We focus on excellence at TAA because it is our desire to honor God in all we do. It is our hope that the students who seek that excellence will become leaders in their communities and witnesses of who God is and what life can be like through Him.

The experiences of God can first be seen in the very first textbook we had here on earth, which is nature as it is in the book of Genesis and how it has existed throughout time. Second, we also embrace what we refer to as God’s second book: the Bible. Between both nature and the Bible we have the foundation for everything that we can learn in today’s world. Our desire is to cultivate excellence in academic areas such as mathematics, the sciences, literary arts, and fine arts but also to see how these fields connect to nature and the Bible. By combining these elements we believe that we create an excellent tool-set for our students to become leaders and ambassadors for their communities.

At TAA, our students are our priority. We are committed, in everything we do, to helping students achieve spiritual, academic, and athletic success, helping them develop leadership skills, and guiding them in maturing in their relationships with God and their fellow man. We recognize that pursuing a quality education begins with a partnership between the parents, the students, and the school.

We welcome you to come explore and learn more about TAA—our vision, our culture, and our results. It would be our honor to partner with you in guiding and educating your child to live a life that prepares leaders for Heaven and earth.

Larry Seery