Pre-K & Kindergarten

Mrs. Victoria Toews 

Email: vtoews@tulsaadventistacademy.org


"The pre-school and kindergarten years are full of excitement and filled with fun learning opportunities. We begin our school day with worship and Bible, so this is a special time of the day.  My students learn that Jesus is their best friend and they have the opportunity to pray together.  It is so special to hear them pray for their families and friends.  During the year we see a lot of answered prayers.  The children love to sing, so our morning worship also includes singing praises.

These years are also very social years when children are learning how to share, take turns and be leaders.  They learn to be responsible for their own actions and we discuss making good choices. Pre-school and kindergarten children are natural learners.  We learn through songs and hands-on activities that are age appropriate. Young children are like sponges:  if you offer them the activities and opportunities for learning, they will grow and learn at their own pace throughout the year.

   Adventist Education is an investment in your child’s entire life.  It is my prayer that each child has this opportunity and grows in their relationship with Jesus as their very best friend."


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